Top 4 South American Countries to Explore In 2019

Top 4 South American Countries to Explore In 2019


South America – a country where heaps of travelers are now flocking. This continent has culture, a beautiful landscape with mountains, desserts and jungles… it’s no wonder that tourism is now higher than ever before.

South America has a lot to offer visitors and no matter what you’re looking for – whether it’s an action packed or relaxing vacation, South America will have something to offer you.

Come here to feel a connection to nature, to enjoy the beautiful scenery or to get a taste for the infectious and captivating Latin passion. This continent is undeniably amazing.

So what will you do in South America in 2019? Where will you go, what will you visit and what will you see? Use our list below to get some inspiration on what to explore in South America!


Peru has long mystified travelers and has grown to become one of the most frequently visited destinations in South America. This is largely because of the ancient archeological site of Machu Picchu. This countries charm, rich history and strong culture will sweep you away.

The lush mountainside offers some of the most incredible scenery you can see anywhere in the world. Peru also has many offering for both adventure travelers – like hiking and trekking – as well as luxury travelers, who can enjoy the country in comfort.


One of the most developed and safest countries in South America is Chile. This lovely country is home to great scenery, wine and food. You can hike or enjoy other outdoor activities, relax under a clear sky or enjoy the fabulous Patagonia region.

Chile also has vibrant cities, friendly people and other offerings like hot springs and glaciers. It’s a country that should definitely be on your South America travel itinerary.


If you are after the most authentic South American experience, from jungles to cities, to indigenous culture to exotic food and wild animals, Bolivia has you covered.

This country offers so much to get you excited. Even landing in the country by airplane is an exciting adventure as it is home to the highest airport above sea level.

It’s also cheap to visit, meaning you can visit the entire country on a relatively comfortable budget. Take your time to explore this country, there’s a lot to see!


Beautiful weather, beautiful people, beautiful culture, beautiful architecture… there isn’t a lot that’s NOT beautiful about Ecuador. This country enjoys lovely temperate weather and impressive natural wonders to explore.

The people are friendly and welcoming, the cities are buzzing and lively, and yet you can still escape it all to see nature. Ecuador has it all!

Regardless of where you decide to go, each South American country has it’s own offerings. This means all are a good pick. Which South American country will you pick to visit in 2019? Let us know!

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