Top Camping Spots of 2023


We all want to travel the world. One good destination at a time. Enjoying the summer breeze or loving the freezing cold wind, we get to choose where and when we could travel, or if our schedule permits otherwise. We sometimes go explore the sand and the sea, go banana boat riding or we sometimes opt to cover ourselves with the white snow the winter offers and do an angel snow figure or throw snow balls endlessly.

But I am pretty sure we all get tired of doing the usual classy and trendy vacations like everyone else. We look for adventures. Something we could recklessly do and get ourselves dirty and make us get away somewhere closer to nature and away from the busy city life we all get to experience every single day.

And yes, I say, camping it is! Whether you choose to do the traditional way or a more explorative and thrifty one, definitely your call. One thing’s for sure, you’re up for an adventure mate!

Let me help you decide on your next best camping adventure with some great selections below:

Simiens Mountains, Ethiopia

The natural beauty of the landscapes in Simiens Mountains will fill you with awe. The jagged mountain peaks and its deep valleys are sure to make your camping a worthwhile. This majestic place is also named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO making it more interesting for you to pay a visit to do some trekking and camping with value.

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania has many beautiful national parks and landscapes that are all perfect for camping. Whether you have your tent, campervan or caravan with you, you’re sure to find a sweet and enjoying spot to view the stars and have fun with nature. Some great sites to go to is the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park and the awesome Tasman Peninsula coastline.

Sahara Desert, Morocco

I know, I know. It is a desert, yes. But it’s not only all sun that this great place has. The entire desert might be covered with sand but a good adventure still awaits. You can get to try the camel trek offered here. Get a nice photo of the place overall as well. And best of all, you can settle your tent and yourself, of course, under the stars of the great Sahara Desert sky. And I did mention sand, right? Get to experience sand boarding for the first time while you’re on camping.

Now, with all that, who said you can’t enjoy camping on a desert? Go ahead and tell your friends and plan your next desert adventure right at the heart of Morocco.

Jasper National Park, Canada

Are you the type who gets bored easily? You want your camping experience the best yet for you and your friends. Yes, I hear you. That’s why Jasper National Park, one located in Canada, is the perfect camping site for you. This park is sure to offer you a wide range of activities to slip you off your boredom. You can do swimming, fishing, kayaking and even skiing. Named as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, this park sure is a good place to include on your next camping journey. After trekking the great mountains and other landscapes, you can then set your tent to just simply enjoy the view for above and all over the park.

Just writing all these awesome camping sites make we want to plan my next camping adventure this year. With some of the world’s best places to camp, you will never run out of ideas on where you could be headed next.

Have only the best camping escapades ever!

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