The Best Countries to Visit in Africa


If you’re looking for some of the most authetnic and unique experiences anywhere in the world, Africa is the place to go. This amazing continent offers so much to see and do, and brings together history and culture. There are so many different cultures in Africa that you’ll encounter a completely different one just by driving for an hour.

Whether you want beautiful beaches, big cities or the authentic African safari experience, this list has you covered. You’ll learn that there is something to offer every traveler and see how diverse this continent is.


Seychelles is tiny nation with a reputation for being sensational to visit. It’s easy to see why this tiny nation is one of the most fabulous places to visit. It offers some of the most relaxing and enjoyable white sand beaches you can find in Africa.

The nation is made up of many smaller islands and many parts are protected as national parks. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation and one spent lying on the serenity of white sand beaches, Seychelles is the place to go. However do note it is not cheap to visit and get there.


Morocco is a fascinating country and a place where you can see all different cultural influences – Arabic, European and Berber – flood into one. The country offers historic towns as well as seaside villages, energetic cities and big mountains to climb and explore.

It also has a rich cuisine and friendly people, and isn’t overly expensive to visit meaning you can get a whole lot of culture and relaxation into your vacation without breaking the bank. Add this exciting country to your Africa travel list!


Although you may not have heard much about travel in Ethiopia, there are several reasons why you need to visit right now. The country has numerous archaeological sites and rich history perfect for history geeks with some sites dating back to over 3 million years! One of these sites – the Gondar Castle – is a must visit destination in Ethiopia!

The country also boasts a beautiful natural landscape. You should add both the Simien Mountains National Park and the Nechisar National Park to your Ethiopia itinerary and ensure you add this amazing country to your Africa country list!


Botswana is one of the best countries in Africa you can visit and one you can feel good about visiting too! This is because the country is dedicated to environmental conservation, which makes it a great destination to visit for people who want to do the least harm possible to the environment whilst still enjoying an authentic African safari experience.

Some of the top things to do include Chobe National Park, Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Okavango Delta. At the end of the day you will enjoy a beautiful sunset among friendly locals and with some great food in your belly.

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