The Pros & Cons of Booking Attractions Online

The Pros & Cons of Booking Attractions Online


When you’re getting ready to head off on vacation, anywhere in the world, you’re sure to be getting excited about what you’re going to see and do. Certain destinations are packed more than others with mainstream attractions, such as Orlando and the countless theme parks for example, and that drags up a whole other set of issues – how do you book your attraction tickets?

  • Do you do it beforehand?
  • Do you wait until you get there?
  • Do you call someone?
  • Do you do it online?

There are many arguments for and against each particular one of those questions, but if you’re looking to book your attractions in the easiest way, and save cash too, then there’s no denying that booking online is probably the best way to go.

You need to be careful that you pick a reputable site, so do check reviews, testimonials, and check whether they are backed by any industry standard bodies, but once you find the ideal company to book your attraction tickets ahead of time, it should be smooth sailing from there. If you need a bit more of a nudge in either direction, check out these pros and cons of booking your attractions online.

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You don’t have to worry about trying to fix admission when you’re there

Vacations are precious, and you don’t want to be wasting time trying to figure out how you get admission to a place, or how much it is. When you wake up in the morning, you want to be fresh up with the lark, and out to the place you want to see, not standing in a queue for ages. Booking your ticket online means you don’t have this issue of trying to find a reputable vender or go to the actual attraction itself.

You can save money on discounts

When you book your attraction admission online, you can often get discounts. This isn’t always the case, but it is often, so it’s worth shopping around and seeing which dealers are giving you the biggest discount. Anything saved is kept in your pocket, and can be used for extra fun on your vacation! If you book at the gate, you will generally pay more.

You can book bundle deals

Booking online gives you more time and space to explore your ticketing options, and it may be that you can book bundle deals. For instance, let’s use the Orlando example again; if you are planning on visiting Universal Resort for more than one day, you could book a two or three-day bundle deal, and that saves you having to pay the on the day price two or three times, as well as saving you having to queue up every day too.

You are less likely to fall foul of ticket touts

If you book your tickets ahead of time with a reputable online site, then you are not going to be rushing around trying to find a ticket when you’re there, which gives you less chance of falling foul of those pesky ticket touts which are in every large destination the world over. For instance, if you’re visiting Las Vegas and you want to go to a show, booking online or with the actual Box Office is the only way to go, not via an on the street seller, who will take your dollars and give you no valid ticket in return.

You can plan your time much easier

If you have several attractions you want to visit, then booking your tickets ahead of time means you can plan your time much more effectively, without missing something you really wanted to see, because you were confused or rushing around trying to find the best source of admission.

You can sail through at the admission desk

As well as saving money, you save time, because you can simply sail through the queue at the admission desk, waving goodbye to those people who are paying ‘on the day’ prices!


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You could easily find a dodgy site

You can avoid this by checking the reputation of the site you use, but falling foul of a dodgy website which takes your money and runs is the main downside of booking attractions online.

How to obtain your tickets

Your tickets may get lost in the post, you might need to print them out but not have access to a printer – basically the actual getting the tickets in your hands business is the biggest downfall too, because once you’ve paid the money, you’re in limbo until you see them in paper form in front of you.


As you can see, there are really only two major downsides to booking your attraction tickets online, which means it’s a resounding ‘yes’ to this argument!

Check out your site, and get booking!