How to Prepare for the Ultimate Road Trip


As I’ve said before one of my families favorite things to do is to take a road trip. Often for us, they are unplanned and spontaneous making them even more fun – but that does not mean we are not prepared!

Packing for a road trip goes beyond what to wear and eat. It is also a game of survival – especially if you happen to find yourself broken down on a lone highway in the middle of the night.

Travel is unpredictable, and you may think that being on the road makes it less so. But the unpredictable can always happen and you need to be prepared in case it does. Find out what how to prepare below.

Packing for a road trip


The most essential thing to have on you at all times is water. You can survive for weeks without anything, but not without water. Be sure to pack enough water to get you through at least 3 days. It is a good idea to purchase a bulk pack of water bottles, each holding around a gallon to ensure you have plenty of water on hand in an emergency situation.

Carry Enough Cash

Cash is another essential part of travel and while we know to have enough to cover the cost of the journey, you should also have enough in case something goes wrong. The car is now your only method of getting anywhere, and you need ensure you have a backup plan.  And always have some backup cash stored somewhere on your person – not just in the car.

Check Your Car

Have your car serviced before you leave to make sure it is capable of tackling the road trip. If you are using a hire car, check out what their guidelines are concerning the car breaking down. This will not only reduce risk of it actually happening but help you to devise a game plan in case it does.

Stay Safe

You need a method of staying safe on the road. A gun can actually be a good idea. You should never really need to use it, but at least if you do you will have the confidence that you can. You will need a gun safe that is quite stealth so that it is not noticeable. A simple search will uncover a list of a few of the best gun safe options for the car.


Road trips can take up a lot of time – and gas. It is important to know how far the next gas station is before you leave so that you can plan how far you can travel on the remaining gas. It can also be a good way to devise a budget as gas will probably be the most expensive part of the road trip.


By arranging things in order you can keep the important stuff in reach and leave the less important stuff in the car. This is helpful when stopping at a motel to stay the night as you can grab a bag and go. We recommend using duffel bags as they are lightweight and can be used to fit a lot.

Plan Some Accommodation

These days although it is becoming more and more common to pre-book accommodation – especially with the rise of vacation apartments. Particularly on the road, vacation apartments can be cheap as there is lower competition. They are a great way to get a true feel for the place you are visiting. Pre-booking is easy using your phone and you can even do this while on the road.

How do you prepare for a road trip?