Looking for a Cheap Flight?


When you’re trying to cut the cost of your vacation down a little, the most sensible place to start is going to be with your flight. This is probably the biggest outlay on your vacation, and that means if you can save a little here, you’re onto a winner.

Finding a cheap flight isn’t rocket science, but it does take patience and time, and it also means knowing where to look. Heading online is always going to find you the best deals, but checking the accreditation of the agency site you’re using is a must, to stop you getting scammed out of your hard-earned cash.

There are several sites online which are fantastic for bringing up the cheapest flight options, not only searching for return journeys with one particular airline, but also looking for airline combinations, to give you more options overall. Although business class might seem desirable, its important to think practical.

cheap flight


This is the industry biggie, and one which is proven to save you cash. Enter in your requirements, try and be as flexible as possible, and see what comes up. Again, this site will look at combinations of airlines, so you don’t have to stick to one particular company, and it’s all in real time. The best course of action is to look and find a flight, note it down, watch the price, and then when it’s as low as you think you can get it, book.

Money Supermarket

The famous price comparison site can help you find a cheap flight too! Again, input your details and see what comes up. This is going to check all different airlines, and find you the best deal available at that current time, according to your requirements. Once you find a deal, you will be transported to their website to book.

Lesser known sites – Momondo, Fly.com, Kayak

We will lump these three together because they work much the same way. They are certainly three of the best to go for if you want to grab that cheap deal on your flight. Again, input your details but try and be as flexible as possible, and you will be presented with flight combination options.


When looking for a cheap flight, we have mentioned the same word a few times – flexibility. Try and fly mid-week if possible, and maybe fly from a different airport to the one you’re used to, as it’s possible that another airport could be cheaper, even with the extra travel distance thrown in.


Happy hunting!