How To Handle Flight Delays

How To Handle Flight Delays


As you all know, I am a self-confessed traveler. Me and my friends had lots of travels in a year, may it be on a road or by flying. Name it, we’re up for it. You might have seen lovely pictures and beautiful sceneries captured by us from the various destinations we’ve been to. These are all happy memories I must say.

But traveling, to be honest with all of you guys, and I’m sure a lot of you are already aware, is not all but happy experience. Mishaps and ‘not so cool stuff’ can happen right when you least expect them. Like when you’re traveling by air. Flight delays and cancellations happen so often nowadays. This can be so upsetting specially when all you want to do is relax and have fun and reach your ideal destination the soonest.

And since I have already had my share of these Flight Delay experiences, I will help you deal with it like a breeze. Lucky you, huh?!

Here are a few tips I have for you so you could handle these delays well:

Keep Your Cool

Never ever lose your temper or poise just because your flight is delayed. You know you have no control over the situation but remember that you always have the control over how you would react to them. So, choose to be relaxed. You can’t have superman speed up the planes, right?

Keep Your Focus

Let’s say you are now more relaxed than ever. What’s next?

Keep your focus on the purpose of your flight. Where again are you heading? The wonderful beaches and sand, the relaxing nature, the ancient buildings of a certain country, etc. Let these thoughts motivate you and let your focus be fixed on your reason for traveling.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

The waiting around will be far less painful if you have shoes that keep you comfortable. Here’s a list of some great travel shoe options.

Keep Yourself Busy

I know you’ve been dying to reach that specific island or region. I know it’s not fun waiting at the airport at all. So, why not pick yourself up and try to prove it wrong? Airports have now been upgrading their facilities to cater to all their passengers’ needs including a delayed flight. A good internet access within the airport would greatly help make you forget the situation for a while. Play feel good movies and songs in YouTube or browse Facebook all you want. There are also coffee shops and merchandise stores you could hop in to take up your time.

Keep Yourself Informed

You might feel stuck at the moment but you should still make yourself well aware of what’s happening. Keep yourself posted on your flight details and if compensation is provided by the airline for the delay your flight had caused you.

So, overall, you need to cheer up! Just think that it’s part of your journey and a great destination awaits.