Is Flying Business Class Worth the Extra Money?


Traveling can be a great experience, or a stressful one, and it really all depends on your mind-set and attitude towards it. You can choose to embrace the getting from A to B part of the deal, or you can endure it, but either way, it has to happen. Nobody has invented the ability to orb from one destination to the next yet, and until that happens, we are stuck with hours on a plane, bus, or train.

If you’re considering flying business class on your next journey, you might be wondering whether or not to stick with economy or take the upgrade, as well as whether the extra cost is really worth it. Whilst it’s possible to get some cheaper business class flights, and you can also get an upgrade at the airport for a lesser cost if you’re cheeky, it still adds extra funds onto your flight, which could be possibly better spent when you are in your destination.

Business Class

What do you get when you fly business class?

For the extra cost you are basically paying for extra comfort. Business class perks include:

  • A separate check in desk, which cuts down on waiting at the airport, and gives you longer in duty free
  • Often a waiting lounge at the airport dedicated to business class passengers, including work spaces and all manner of other comfortable facilities
  • Larger seats in terms of width and leg room – you basically can stretch out and sleep much more comfortably
  • Seat back TVs with headphones and a variety of different entertainment options
  • Charging facilities for your gadgets
  • Some have internet facilities, some don’t
  • A larger range of meals and snacks
  • Refreshments on tap, including alcohol, and often champagne too
  • Privacy – the business class section is separated from economy with curtains
  • Dedicated toilets for the business class section, which means less waiting when you do need to go

You’re basically paying for luxury and comfort, and it depends on whether you are prepared to splash the cash in order to get it.

Is business class worth it?

If you are flying short-haul, e.g. less than four hours or on a domestic flight then no, business class probably isn’t really worth it. These sorts of journeys are more about getting from A to B and chilling out for the duration of the flight, and if you can put up with less leg room and lesser facilities for that short space of time, then you can save yourself quite a bit of money. If however you are flying long-haul, then business class could be worth the extra spend.

It’s really about personal opinion, but in terms of the length of your journey, business class is an option.