Five of the Best Hotel Booking Websites


The internet is drowned with booking websites when it comes to finding your ideal accommodation for your vacation. Who do you choose?

Well, it’s all about reputation if you want to be sure that you’re not going to fall foul of a questionable site – nobody wants to get excited about a vacation, only to find out closer to the time that the booking was actually false, therefore leaving you with nowhere to stay, or having to find somewhere else at short notice, costing you much more.

There are plenty of high-quality hotel booking sites out there, many of which are household names, and even have adverts on the TV! Check out these five sites, which should be added to your ‘favorites’ menus on your browser.

Hotel Booking


Even if you haven’t used it, you know the name! Trivago helps you find the cheapest and most suitable deal for you, giving you approximate distances from the main attractions/the city or town centre, to where your accommodation actually is. You can also check ratings and reviews, if you need a little more persuasion. Basically, this is a big name, so it gives you confidence.


Massive name! Expedia have been around for years, and you can do almost anything on this site in terms of your vacation. Book flights separately, book a whole package vacation, book attractions tickets, or simply find accommodation and book that through the site. You will get the best prices available in real time, so it could be worth watching them for a few days before actually booking, then many money saving offers from time to time. Again, confidence comes from the name.


If you’re being all spontaneous and booking your vacation with just a few days or a week’s notice, then you could find some serious money saving bargains on this site. Again, it’s a site with a good reputation, and many hotels use this to fill empty rooms – basically, they would rather sell them off cheaper than have them lying empty with no revenue at all, and that’s great news for you!


Kayak is a high profile search comparison site, which does the hard work for you, and only works with reputable sites, so you know you’re not going to end up with a poor outcome. Basically, you input your requirements, press ‘search’ and wait – you will find cheaper deals this will, without having to trail across countless sites yourself.

This is another very high profile site, which many hoteliers use. The good thing about this one is that you can often pay on the day with some hotels, rather than paying upfront, although many will want to pre-authorise your card, just in case. Bear in mind this isn’t the case will all hotels, but it is a service that is offered with many through this site in particular. For peace of mind, they offer guarantees for their customers too.


If you want to know you’re in safe hands, these five will see you through.