Exploring Manila


Whether it is your first time to visit or have had a couple of trips to Manila, I’d tell you that each and every time you get to explore this Philippine capital remains to be an awesome and majestic experience. One day isn’t enough to appreciate its historical beauty. Not to mention the delicious food and warm people this locality has.

Despite of the modern, changing and evolving times, Manila has proudly remained intact to its roots. As historic as it can be, Manila offers a mix of Filipino native, Spanish, Chinese and American cultures since its three-period of colonialization and wars. Better ready yourself to go back in time for a while when you visit this place.

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It might seem to be a busy and urban city but you are still sure to find historical places and structures that have been well-maintained and are being utilized up to this present time. I tell you about some of the attractions, good food, perfect places to go and stay while you are at the heart of Manila.

Visit Intramuros

Personally, the historic walled city of Intramuros should be the first on your list as this is the well-known and pretty much notable structure of Manila.

Intramuros came from a Spanish word which means ‘within the walls’. And truly, it is in its walls that history was built and fought for. It was one of the built structures during the Spanish era and was the government’s center and whose walls served as great defense from invasion, natural calamities and more.

It is also in the surround of Intramuros that you’ll find other wonderful attractions to visit such as Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church and Fort Santiago. All have their share of history for the Manileños.

Intramuros surely remains to be a symbol of the past and the strength of its people.

Go To Luneta Park (Rizal Park)

Your travel to Manila will never be complete without a trip to this ever popular park in Manila and having a photo taken at the Rizal monument.

Luneta or also known as Rizal Park is where the remains of Jose Rizal, the Philippine National Hero, lies. Making it more valuable and historic for the entire nation.

Upon reaching this destination, you can observe and best if you’d interact with the locals as well. You’d notice a few families and friends would stay at the park for picnics or just for relaxation. Try to experience this as well for a more interesting travel.

If you’re not the type to eat outside or while in parks, lots of dine-in restaurants are within the area. Go have your lunch or dinner at Mabuhay Restop, Ocean Park Bistro Restaurant or the Pantalan ng Maynila Seafood Restaurant, and many more alike that offers a wide variety of food choices from Chinese, Italian and the authentic Filipino dishes such as Sinigang, Kare-Kare, Bulalo and a lot more.

Discover National Museums

For a more in-depth Manila exploration, you should also visit the National Museums. They have features for Fine Arts, Anthropology and Natural History. This is not much of a distance from Intramuros. Near the museum is the National Planetarium which focuses more on the scientific aspects. Both are government-owned and operated. Once you leave, you get a chunk of history to bring home and share to others.

Ride A Jeepney

Jeepneys are ever so famous in Manila. It is one of the main ways of transportation in this city and has been the symbol ever since. Known to be the ‘king of the road’ as majority of them occupies the roads and are in-demand to public.

Riding a jeepney is definitely a must-try for foreign tourists as it is definitely a whole new experience and I must say way way cheaper than riding a taxi. It is where you also get to try paying your fare and having others lend it forward to the driver in front. You can also have other’s fare forwarded to the driver depending on where you’ve freely decided to sit.

Start trying to practice how to perfectly say “Para po!” when you want the jeepney to stop or you think you have arrived at your next destination.

Get A Kalesa Ride

Aside from the unique jeepney experience, you can also give the Kalesa Ride a try in Roxas Boulevard. It has been the main mode of transportation way back in the Spanish Era. So give it a try as this ride is now mostly for tourists since the busy roads and streets are now home to cars, motorcycles, etc.

Book A Hotel

And once your tired feet have had enough for the day, be sure to book a stay with some of the great places to stay in Manila. There is Manila Hotel, Hyatt Hotel and others ranging from cheap to luxurious offerings for a relaxing stay in Manila.

So, when are you planning to visit Manila?

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