Are Budget Airlines a Good Choice?


When you’re looking to save cash, it’s sensible to shop around for your deals. It’s easy to break up your vacation in separate sections, e.g. flight, hotel, transfer, and to book them all separately, however that can get a tad bit stressful if you allow it to!

Many of us head towards budget airlines to save cost, because the biggest outlay on any vacation is generally the cost of the flight. If you’re not traveling long-haul, and you’re not bothered about added extras, e.g. extra leg-room, or in-flight entertainment, then this is a good way to keep cash in your pocket.

Now, occasionally you can find a big named airline, a more upmarket choice, for a lesser price, if you shop around, and if you’re flexible, but on the whole, the lower costs do tend to fall at the feet of those aforementioned budget choices. It might also be worth checking out our article on the best places to find cheap flights. 

easy jet airlines

EasyJet, Jet2, Monarch, Ryanair, these are all low cost airlines which we know as household names, and they offer budget costs to get us from A to B. We have to pay extra for luggage, however certain airlines, such as EasyJet offer a very generous amount of hand luggage, which can sometimes get around the added luggage cost problem. If you’re heading away for a short time, then this could be a great suggestion.

On the downside these airlines also run into other problems like more frequent flight delays.

So, are budget airlines a good choice?

In these situations, then yes:

  • Short breaks in terms of time
  • Short-haul distances
  • If you can manage with less in the way of luggage, e.g. making use of extra hand luggage allowances

In these situations, then no:

  • For long-haul or medium-haul flights
  • If you require extras, e.g. extra leg room which you don’t want to spend a fortune on
  • If you can find a more ‘luxurious’ flight for the same or slightly higher cost

Basically, budget airlines are worth it, if you’re happy to go basic, and when getting from A to B, what more do you really need? Obviously, if you’re going a long distance, or for a longer period of time, extra comfort has to come into the argument, but overall, for saving cash, it’s budget airlines all the way.