Best Family Destinations For Kids


Traveling as a family can be filled with pitfalls, but it’s also a fantastic experience too. From tantrums and tears, to fun and happy memories, vacations with the kids are something to look forward to. Despite that, there are certain destinations which are more family and child friendly than others, and if you want to enjoy your vacation to the max, it’s important to do a little research ahead of time.

We’re going to talk about five destinations which are famously fun-filled and great for kids, including a couple that you might not have thought of.

disney florida

Orlando, Florida

Come on, who doesn’t dream of being a Disney princess of jetting off into outer space? From Disney World Resort to Universal Studios, Wet ‘n Wild to Discovery Cove, there is a theme park for every single taste, as well as countless other attractions to enjoy. An Orlando vacation is certainly going to be tiring, and you may need another break afterwards to recover, but in terms of making memories, there is perhaps no better place!

Melbourne, Australia

Heading Down Under is worth the effort when you end up in this fabulous city! There are many pros to traveling here including an English speaking population, a very modern city and many attractions for kids including dedicated museums, beaches, zoos, a theme park and more. There is also fabulous eating in this city and a very full events calendar.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

The Spanish Canary Islands are sun-drenched all year around, however Lanzarote is one of the most popular regardless of the month. The reason for this is its huge range of accommodation choices, however in terms of family breaks, there are some huge resorts which will fill every child’s needs. On top of this, you have the fantastic Timanfaya National Park, which will wow kids with its geysers, hot springs, camel rides, huge volcanoes, and restaurant where you can eat food cooked from the heat of the earth.


There are some truly beautiful places to visit in Malaysia with kids making for both an interesting and relaxing vacation. From big cities to quiet towns, to beautiful beach destinations, awesome resorts, amazing theme parks and serene national parks, Malaysia really does have it all. What’s more, it’s cheap to visit Malaysia, the food is delicious and the locals are super friendly. To help plan your trip, read about the best time to visit Malaysia at


You might be surprised to see this one on our list, because Thailand is known for being a backpacking and party destination, but there is a lot of culture to be found here, which is fantastic for educating young minds. Thailand is perfectly family friendly, and you can wow the kids with the amazing beaches, huge temples, elephant rides, wildlife, and jungle treks. Avoid the neon-lit nightlife of places like Bangkok and Phuket, and you’ll have a fantastic family destination.

grand prismatic spring, yellowstone national park

Yellowstone National Park, USA

In order to teach your little ones about the wonder of nature and how to respect it, there is perhaps no more amazing place on earth than Yellowstone. You can camp here or you can stay in a hotel, but the wonder of the park is right up there to see the moment you get anywhere near it. Huge bubbling mud pools, shooting geysers, hot springs, volcanos, rolling hills, mountains, wildlife, you name it, you’ll find it here. This is a busy park during the summer season, and during the winter months much of it is inaccessible, but check your route ahead of time and you should have no problems.

Safari in Kenya

Most kids love animals, and what better way to see them than in their own natural habitat? A Kenyan safari is a great family experience, and will create memories none of you will ever forget. Make sure you book your safari ahead of time, and check out your accommodation options, and perhaps combine it with a beach break before or afterwards.

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